Real Or Fake?

Roissy brings up the coming of sexbots-

Masturbation, however assisted, is a poor substitute for the real thing. Low cost sex from real women is in any case readily available, for the time being, to First World men- Europeans can go to eastern Europe; North Americans to Latin America; Japanese and Koreans are close to southeast Asia.

Still, the simulation of sex has its uses, most of all as training for the real thing. The Fleshlight ( and associated accessories are great for conditioning to be stimulated properly by the real thing.  A cursory search of the net brings up a few girlfriend simulator programs.

Aircraft simulators are used to train pilots and ship simulators are used to train ship officers because of the expense and hazard of using the real thing to teach people. I believe simulations are being used to train police officers to handle confrontations; again realistic training prior to being in the situation helps avoid tragedy.

The problem with simulators is “validation”- does the simulator actually behave like the real thing? Or close enough to make it valuable, and not actually teach incorrect responses to situations? I would tend to distrust most female simulators; unless it was designed and validated by an alpha with extensive experience it would likely not work. It would be exceedingly complicated because it would have to distinguish between alpha, beta, gamma, and omega, maintain a history of interaction

As it stands, no such training device is available. One has no choice but to get out, interact with women, date them, fuck them, possibly marry and divorce them, to learn. It takes a thick hide and a lot of determination.

Clyde Cessna is an interesting example. He was a skilled mechanic and tinkerer, saw an airplane in the early years of flight, and decided he wanted one. There being few or no aircraft makers or flight schools at that time, he built his own airplane and proceeded to teach himself to fly it. He crashed, rebuilt it, crashed again, fixed it- you see where this is going? His neighbors made fun of him, they thought he was a complete idiot. Which he probably was, in addition to being clinically insane.

But eventually he figured it out, and his company has built thousands of planes. I don’t mean this as a pep talk; such stories usually end with the brave, determined idiot killing himself and ending up on page three of the paper. Unfortunately if you want to become good with women you are going have to get out there and crash and burn a little. It will only feel like you’re dying.


One Response to Real Or Fake?

  1. Mopenhauer says:

    This is sort of like the question of Nozick’s experience machine. What is wrong with living a life that is not “real”. Is it lack of challenge? But you could program the simulation to have the exact amount of challenge you desire. Is it the question of interaction with other free wills. Of course once your in the simulation, you couldn’t tell the difference. But is it perhaps the savage ape’s desire to dominate? Sadism and conquest of the Other that motivates our loyalty to reality?

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