More On Mood Management

Things that upset me, piss me off, make me agitated, or otherwise unhappy-

-Reading about politics or current affairs

-Computer problems

-Large crowds of people

-Airports and the TSA, especially if there are large crowds

-Passive-aggressive relationships with women I should have dumped a long time ago

Things I enjoy and make me happy-



-Seeing new places and experiencing new things

I believe I need a lot of novelty and stimulation.

I need to stop reading about politics and current affairs. It just pisses me off. My wisdom for the omega is that he needs to worry about surviving and thriving in his own life, and that thinking about feminism, mens’ rights, or other such topics is pointless. And it is in terms of personal happiness. I have a kind of twisted obsession though, which has to do with my family of origin. I am going to have to work on this.

Things I do to manage my mood that may be counter-productive or ineffective-

-Eating. Years ago I read “Managing Your Mind And Your Mood Through Food” by Judith Wurtman. Essentially she says if you want to feel alert eat protein, and if you want to be relaxed eat carbs or a combination of carbs and protein (to the best of my recollection anyway, read the book.) Eating is constantly discussed as a matter of nutrition, culture, habit and psychology but rarely for its direct physical effect on the mind. Food is a drug; people eat for the taste and the feeling they get afterwards. Fat makes you drowsy; carbs make you calm. Many people need food to relax in the same way others need alcohol or nicotine to relax.

-Coffee. I like to go to coffee places, and the effect is a combination of caffeine, dairy products, whatever I’m reading, and the general calming ambience.

-Jerking off. This has always been a big stress reliever for me, ever since I learned how to do it.

Some better ways I can relax-


-Meditation. I took the Transcendental Meditation course last fall. I have not been consistent with it lately but I definitely think it helps me relax and think better.

-Any productive activity.

I spent waaaayyy too much time on the internet. I don’t really watch TV unless there is something specific I want to see, however in hotel rooms I tend to turn in on just for the noise, even if I’m reading a book or the internet at the same time.

A couple of suicides have been in the national news lately. Depression, of whatever degree, is a chronic problem for the people who suffer from it. I doubt that either drugs or psychotherapy are terribly effective. I suspect one of the best things is simply daily exercise, along with other mood elevating activities.


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