Life Sucks

I have been planning on doing the exercises in “Rules Of The Game”, and I got started while I was unemployed but my job situation is cramping my style. Right now I’m in a cheap motel in a snowbound small town without a rental car. I will be in these straits for a few days. I am also planning on doing the StyleLife Academy exercises but again, my circumstances, to say nothing of my crippling social anxiety, are holding me back.

Hopefully things will improve shortly.

2 Responses to Life Sucks

  1. Matt Savage says:

    The 30 Day Challenge in the Rules of the Game pack is a pretty solid step by step, day by day outline of getting into seduction. The problem is it only works if you stick to the plan and complete it all the way through.

    You are in a tough situation, so it’s understandable that you don’t have the time for something like this right now, it’s best to do it when you know that there will be little interference in your life during that 30 days.

    What are doing to actively improve your job situation? I think obviously that should be your focus, get all gung-ho about finding a decent job, something to pay the bills until you get on your feet.

  2. virginat50 says:

    I’ve read The Game, but not Rules of the Game. Maybe when your life is going better, you’ll post a review of it and your experiences on the 30 day challenge. I’d be interested in hearing about it.

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