Goddammit A Man Has To Dream

I want shit. I want lots of nice, cool shit. I want a BMW S1000RR, and I want a BMW R1200RT as well. I want a big SUV so I can put them on a trailer and go to cool places and ride. I want a big house in a nice place to keep all my toys in. I want an M5 too. I want a nice, hot piece of Latin ass to keep me warm. I want a nice boat with a compressor where I can leave all my scuba gear, and I want one of those grills you hang off the back so we can cook the lobster and halibut right there.


3 Responses to Goddammit A Man Has To Dream

  1. MW says:

    As for the SUV, A Porsche Cayenne would complement your Beemer bikes nicely.

    You have an interesting blog but something just doesn’t add up. You’re a veteran, a Marine Corps officer no less, probably have done a combat tour or two. Those are MAJOR accomplishments I would think. Aren’t you selling yourself short a bit? or a lot? You say you have high social anxiety. Might that be a result of some PTSD? I don’t know, I’ve never been in combat. Just something that occurred to me reading some of your posts

    Just seems sad to hear a man who has achieved something few others have (USMC officer) still think so lowly of himself. I raise a dram to you coming out of your shell and realising the unexplored gifts you already have. All the best!

  2. I never left the continental US while in the Marines. My USMC service was a pretty interesting experience in and of itself, particularly the training part. Maybe I will go into that sometime.

    My childhood was pretty unpleasant. A couple of people have broached the subject of if I was sexually abused. I was not, but had a lot of unpleasant experiences, particularly at school. My older brother and sister never had any peer trouble however, and I think they are worse off than me. They are more emotionally stable than I am, and haven’t had the kind of interpersonal trouble I have had, but they have lived far below their potential, have had little to no experience with the opposite sex and remain virgins to this day. Things were bad enough for me I guess, or I was naturally rebellious enough I guess that I turned against the expectations of the family and culture and did my own thing, which has at least been interesting and occasionally fun.

  3. MW says:

    Hmmm interesting way of looking at it. As far as my school experiences go, I’d say I was bullied a bit when I was just starting my teens for ~2 years but then it petered out.

    Your comment about living up to potential hits home…I never did in Public school, and for the most part until now. Stupid little irrational fears hold me back most of the time althoughless and less as I get older. The most satisfaction comes not from succeding, although that’s great, but it’s from trying and taking a risk. We’re all told to “do your best” as kids, and I think that taking risks, trying, failing, trying again, finally succeeding OR recognising your limitations and walking away guilt free are the real means of “doing your best”.

    Lately I’ve just started to chat up random women here and there, nothing like Krauser, but watching him try and fail or succeed made me think, “I can do that” so I tried. You know, it’s not as hard as it I feared. If you’re honest interesting, and a bit cocky/funny (which I am with buddies), women generally warm up to you. And if they don’t, who cares, the point is one took the risk and learned from mistakes and successes.

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