The Game Mindset

Recently there was this bit on Seduction Chronicles about the “friend mindset”-

The problem of mindset is the fundamental, existential one of game, or male-female relationships in general, or relationships in general, or possibly life in general as far as I know. What approach do we take to other people? What approach do we take to situations? The problem here described as the “friend” mindset seems to be tentativeness at root. You will only wind up being “friends” with a woman if you permit it. If you make it clear you want a sexual, romantic relationship in which you the man take the lead, you will either get that or nothing.

Hoping that other people will behave how you want, and give you what you want, is a dead end that will lead to frustration at best, or constant fear and uncertainty at worst. People will either a) do what you want, without that having been clearly communicated, b) do what you want, after it has been clearly communicated, or c) not do what you want, whether it has been clearly communicated or not. A) is a question of luck, not something you want to rely on routinely. B) is a question of communication, something non-dominant people typically have trouble with. C) is the result of a) or b), it doesn’t really matter which, and it is either acceptable or unacceptable.

If you do not control you relationships with other people, or control them only weakly and indirectly, passively accepting what you get is a strategy you may have to follow. If you have a crappy job, and you have no other job available, coping with the conditions you work under is all you can do for the moment. You should however, look for another job, do something to improve your skills, or otherwise make some effort to improve conditions.

I consider myself a very smart person but I’m still not smart enough to get what I want through manipulation or indirect communication. I still have a great deal of fear of direct communication, as non-dominant people do.

I have always hoped, as I think all guys without game have hoped, to find a woman with whom game would be unnecessary. However I am coming to the conclusion no such woman exists. Women who claim to want “non-traditional” relationships, the “modern woman” or feminist, seem to require game most of all. Less attractive women, who should theoretically be inclined to accept something different, paradoxically seem to need game for reasons I have talked about earlier. Roissy’s theory about fat women being easy to get laid, thus experiencing alphas in one-night stands, and thus craving an alpha ever after, seems to be true. If she’s bi she will go for a woman with game before a guy without game.

The least amount of game will be required by highly traditional women. Even they will require some game though. The male role will be defended by the social structure and church which will help a great deal though. Asian women seem to require less dominance, or will accede to a male who displays less dominance, but that may not apply to highly Americanized ones.

My parents had a kind of strange relationship. My mother completely acceded to my father the leadership role in the family, but he declined to fill that role. He came home, gave her his paycheck, and disappeared behind the paper with a drink, or in front of the TV. His interaction with the rest of the family was quite minimal; it was almost like he was a boarder. I don’t know if my mother was non-dominant, or just within that relationship. She was president of a prestigious sorority and held a few different jobs which were prestigious for women of that generation.

In any case there is no woman with whom you don’t need game. You must (I must) permanently take on the game mindset. I must insist on the kind and quality of relationship I have with any woman; I must assert the leadership role, I must insist on what I want, and I must end the relationship if an acceptable agreement cannot be reached.


4 Responses to The Game Mindset

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  2. virginat50 says:

    Just being with a woman, thinking of something to say, and not making any mistakes requires a lot of effort. If I add to that runing game on her and trying to act dominant, then the workload just gets to be too high. I can do it for a few hours, but the thought of doing it the rest of my life makes me ill.

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