Could “The Dog Whisperer” Be One Of The Best Things On Game?

Jim Goad wrote in his epic “The Redneck Manifesto” “If I don’t work I’ll starve. If I don’t write I’ll die.” I work with a guy who is pretty dangerous so I many die from working but that’s another story.

I have been working dreadful hours and I am now on some days off, visiting one of my foreign penpal girlfriends. “Going Foreign” deserves a lot more discussion; the web boards on the subject are heavy with flames so I don’t go there much. I have mentioned it in the past; suffice it to say it’s a valid alternative but no magic solution.

 Why is a show about dog training relevant to game? I’ll say again I find the constant resort to sociobiology tiresome; and yet to quote the movie from which the show’s title comes, “I don’t train horses; I train people.” I have only watched the show a few times, but typically Cesar Milan deals with dog owners who spoil their dog in the hope that the dog will reciprocate the kind treatment by being sweet and well-behaved. As almost any realistic person will know, this doesn’t work. And if it doesn’t work it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the dog, it means there is something wrong with the owner.

Milan does indeed train people; he trains them to behave in a dominant fashion. There may have been episodes where the owner declines to take this advice; such a situation was parodied on “South Park” where Cartman’s mom decides she would like to continue to spoil him rather than imposing discipline. The world is filled with ill-behaved dogs with indulgent owners; one can get along without Milan’s advice, perhaps not happily, but many do.

Game is ultimately an existential choice- what kind of a relationship do you want to have with a woman? You certainly can have one without game, you may even be reasonably happy. Still the evidence show women respond well to dominant behavior. We are dealing with dogs here, of course, so there is not a lot of verbiage involved. Milan likes to harp on “emotional energy”, although I don’t remember if those are the exact words he uses. The dog senses your mental state, through your non-verbal behavior, and responds accordingly. The “bad” dog must then relearn his behavior, which will not necessarily happen immediately- the dog may need to be checked quite a number of times before he gets the message, or rather before he concedes defeat in the battle of wills. It is not stupid of him to resist; the owner may well tire and give up. It may seem silly but people want their dogs to love them, even if your dog cant’ whine and complain like a child or freeze you out after leaving home.

As an omega you have another problem; displaying dominant behavior in the wrong context may get you in a lot of trouble. However, one, context is key here, as it is everywhere, and two, humans like dogs generally don’t punish dominant behavior by subordinates with harm but simply by a ritual display of dominance and some king of mock punishment.

Relationships involve differing degrees of dominance, from the pimp end to something theoretically egalitarian. But if you aren’t dominating you are probably being dominated; and the woman dominating you will not likely have the kind and just hand you would. Assume the attitude and “emotional energy” of dominance and reap the rewards of good behavior.


5 Responses to Could “The Dog Whisperer” Be One Of The Best Things On Game?

  1. Anon says:

    Ah yes…Calm and assertive.

  2. D. Jacobs says:

    Nice try but the analogy falls flat when one participant is making up all the rules and making up reasons for compliance. Dogs sense dominant energy? Really? Dogs are playing the dominance game? Not usually. CM is a celebrity and what he does on TV has more to do with entertainment than the science & art of dog training. Dogs aren’t stupid, put a choke collar on them, threaten them and they’ll figure out how to survive under those conditions. Is it state of the art animal training reflecting an understanding of how animals learn? Far from it. The only game he’s playing is with the people watching but the losers are the dogs.

    • Hmmmm- welcome to my blog. I gather that you have “Cesar Milan” or “Dog Whisperer” on Google alerts and that is how you came across this, as you website doesn’t indicate any interest in the subject of “game.” I know much less about dogs than either you or Milan so I can’t get involved in your beef but I believe he has credibility.

      We have something in common, however- you are interested in helping damaged dogs, and I am interested in helping damaged people. Do you have any advice for people who are fearful of people?

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