More On “Let’s Talk About Sex”

I decided I needed to do something to improve my ability to perform next time I had the opportunity to have sex, whenever that may be. I went to a sex toy store and got something called a “Fleshlight” which can also be purchased at I have tried similar products in the past but I think they were too tight or the material was not as good. I transitioned over to using this to masturbate; at first I couldn’t maintain an erection for very long, let alone have an orgasm but I got used to it after a while. I think I still have performance anxiety and sexual shame problems but I think this should help a lot.

I googled the email handle of the woman I had this experience with. She has a few rather plaintive personal ads up. She is insecure about her appearance, which is kind of silly because while she’s not a model she’s plenty cute and sexy enough for normal purposes. I emailed her once the next day implying the second time would go better, and got no response; I emailed her again about two weeks later and got “no thank you.” OK, I had my shot and I blew it.


2 Responses to More On “Let’s Talk About Sex”

  1. Wilbur Simonson says:

    I’ve tried the fleshlight, but I couldn’t get used to it. Maybe it’s the material or the water-based lube, but it becomes tacky or sticky very quickly. This means frequently adding more lube; otherwise, it starts to feel abrasive.

    It also feels much better if it is warmed up in hot water first. But, because the material is low density, it radiates heat quickly. By the time I get it dried off, put it in the tube, get an erection, and achieve insertion, it’s no longer warm.

  2. krauserpua says:

    I think it’s mental, not physical. You can’t come off when banging a bird you’re not attracted too. It’s also harder to come off soon after having a wank.

    Therefore, best strategy for a hair-trigger is:
    1) Have a wank as late as possible before you meet her
    2) During sex, visualise non-sexual images or try to solve a maths equation. Put your head to the side of hers so she can’t see your face, and just look at something else, pushing all thoughts and senses of her away from you

    I don’t really get a hair trigger but every now and then when I’m gonna fuck a super-hot girl for the first time, the danger arises. I find this strategy works.

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