“Up In The Air”

I saw this movie over the holidays. Kind of sad if you’re a single middle-aged guy who travels for work all the time. But if you look like George Clooney and make a lot of money it’s probably a lot more bearable.

Ryan Bingham revels in having no connections. To him they are just more shit he has to carry. Speaking of which, fitting your whole life in a carry-on is pretty hard to imagine. They don’t even show him with a computer bag. Plus if you are in coach half the time they make you check the carry on anyway, the bastards.

My sister is the kind of caring, sympathetic person who attracts a lot of neurotic dingbats as friends who drag her down with her problems. She is learning to avoid these kinds of entanglements. Be careful that your friends don’t make your life worse, rather than better.

Most people have relationships just for the sake of having relationships- they have friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and the effort of maintaining these relationships is its own reward for them. These relationships provide them with identity. Is that a good way to live? I don’t know. I think quality is more important than quantity, but you need a certain amount of quantity as well.


One Response to “Up In The Air”

  1. Phillip says:


    What does your post have to do with this thread?

    *Do you also have OCD like your newfound buddy LR does???

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