“There Are No Men Available! Where Are All The Good Men?!”

The Onion is a good source of humor. Here’s a bit on the well-worn subject of the “shortage” of “good men”-


The female psyche has various problems and one is the idea of what a “good” man is. Roissy has posted some good stuff on this, in that the ideal these women are seeking is some contrary combination of alpha and beta traits. Game addresses this to some extent, but in the end you can’t satisfy somebody with unreasonable expectations.


2 Responses to “There Are No Men Available! Where Are All The Good Men?!”

  1. sestamibi says:

    Then there’s always The Husband Store . . .


  2. Wilbur Simonson says:

    The negativity towards men is unrelenting. Here’s a marriage counselor who argues that 95% of all men are undateable.


    Men seem to fall into two camps: they either learn to ignore everything women say and don’t take women seriously, or they just give up.

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