Forget About Women

I think I have implied, but not clearly stated the most basic concern of the marginal, low status man.

If you want success with women- as you assuredly do, unless your survival is right now under serious threat- you must first completely forget about women.

You, and your life, must come first. Relationships with women are a luxury that is #3 or #4 on the list. And I think this is true for the masters of the universe as well. A rich, famous guy knows the first concern of his life is to stay rich and famous, and takes care of that before he worries about women at all. Because he knows if that’s taken care of women will follow.

I’m sure if George Clooney is drinking champagne and groping some supermodel, and he gets an important call about some film he’s trying to put together, he puts down the flute, unhands the broad and talks business for a few minutes. Being George Clooney- or Kanye West, or Donald Trump, comes first.

It’s axiomatic to say if you’re rich or famous or both, you don’t worry about women because they flock to you. In part that is because women like these things. It’s also, at least in some part, because the rich or famous guy has taken care of himself first, put himself first, to achieve success.

You may be the junior assistant copy room attendant but the same principle applies to you as well. If you are going to be able to attract and interact successfully with women it will be because you have taken care of the things you need to have your own life in order, your needs and some of your wants met, and you can approach a woman as an added benefit to your life and not something you need to feel OK. Would getting “The” woman make you feel better, more secure, more satisfied, and more happy, allowing you to run your life better? Maybe, but I can’t think that happens very often.

Forget about women- take care of yourself, your problems, your needs, your wants, and find a way to be content where you are- and only then think about rounding out your life with female companionship.


8 Responses to Forget About Women

  1. krauserpua says:

    Agreed. Good post.

    One thing I’ve not figured out your opinion on is this: how important to Omega Game is it to actually de-Omega yourself as much as possible?

    I see lots of Omegas around who are really doing themselves a disservice by missing the obvious:
    – Work out
    – Dress nice
    – Wash
    – Get normal haircut
    – Adopt correct posture
    – Read about interesting worldly stuff

    My team sits next to the IT support. There’s an omega dude sitting not ten yards from me. He’s mid-level intelligent and has a fairly ugly face (extremely blubbery lips). Not much he can do about that. He won’t ever be George Clooney. However he is also:
    – At least four stone overweight, probably six or seven
    – Military buzz cut
    – Think cheap unironed white shirt
    – Hunched posture
    – Judging from his screensaver, he’s into italian sportscar worship
    – Paedophile duffel jacket
    – Walks around like he’s expecting to get ass-raped by jocks any moment

    This dude could easily be the “interesting guy, if a little imperfect on account of them lips” rather than the “odious creepy” guy.

    Not been there myself but I’d guess the biggest barrier to an Omega successfully lifting himself up to mid-beta is his own learned helplessness and consequent identification and pursuit of the Omega life.

    They used to say in boxing – Always enter the ring having trained 100%. Its the only thing you have complete control over.

  2. As I said at one point, for many guys but omegas especially the primary rule is “don’t fuck up.” Eliminate obvious errors and problems and you’ll have yourself 80% or 90% of the way down the road.

    I’m guessing this poor fellow 1) has simply put any thought of changing his life out of his mind, or it never occured to him in the first place or 2) wants to change but has no idea how. Fantasy life has a lot of importance to some guys like this. I’m guessing the Italian sports car thing is part of it- he loves to read about them, see them on TV, maybe he follows Ferrari on F1. But actually put himself in a position to get one of his own? He’s probably afraid to think about it, and maybe he’s afraid to dream even about getting an ordinary girl.

    A guy like this, if he tried the ordinary dating or game advice, would probably not find it meeting his needs. I write this in case some guy like this finds it and can get some help from somebody who empathizes.

  3. krauserpua says:

    Yeah, I do wonder about the Omega mindset. Lots is written about the Beta and Alpha mindset.

    I think you are right but would add:

    1) Many many people have an external locus of control, especially unsuccessful people. They don’t see their life as a project to be managed, but rather like driftwood to be buffeted by the tides. This is a self-serving belief to justify inaction and avoid taking responsibility. Same mindset for why AFCs hate on Game.

    2) There’s so much poor dating advice out there it’s hard to know what to listen to. Betas generally have some sexual highlights to reference dating advice against, so they can potentially recognise the value of game when they first see it. They are also likely to be disatisfied with following AFC dating advice because they think “I’m ok looking, nice, affluent. I did what the book said. Yet I got nothing” and naturally determine the advice was wrong. An Omega has extra interference. He’ll think “Doesn’t matter what I do, I’m ugly, boring and poor” and thus won’t necessarily identify the advice itself as a problem.

    Fantasy worlds are evading life. I can see why Omegas would like them. Unlike Betas, who still expect life should be good to them and thus feel guilty about evading it, an Omega has internalised that it’s all shit so why make the effort.

    Actually owning the Ferrari? Interesting. I suspect because a Beta’s natural impulse is to fear attack, he’d be scared that owning a Ferrari will expose him to attacked. I’d imagine an Omega would be absolutely terrified.

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