Social Reality And You

Susan Walsh recently introduced a 24 year-old female virgin, upset by the fact her status is not accepted in New York. I got a bit testy with her, for which I can’t completely apologize since nobody seems to be talking any sense to her-

Recently at “In Mala Fide” a commenter fulminates against game-

These two people have one simple thing in common, which is that they don’t want to deal with the way the world actually, currently works, right now in urban America. The social reality you live in must at least be acknowledged. You can then deal with it intelligently, understanding what tradeoffs you are making.

The basic problem Jaqueline (the 24 year-old voluntary female virgin) has is that in her social context, her choice is regarded as abnormal. If she lived in Dallas, she would have more social support for it. If she lived in a small, rural, conservative community she would have yet more, even if most other people weren’t actually behaving the same way. Yuppie New York is a different story. As much as these people claim to be tolerant and open-minded, they have pretty limited ideas about what is acceptable behavior. Jaqueline just wants people to be the way they claim to be, a typical young person’s mistake. Hypocrisy is the norm, that’s the way it is.

John isn’t just unrealistic, he is downright silly. He wants all the guys who are currently having sex with loose women to stop, for his idea of the social good. I think I can safely say it’s not going to happen. Is the current sexual marketplace a dirty, destructive game? I’ll agree it is but neither John or I is in any position to change it.


8 Responses to Social Reality And You

  1. The basic problem Jaqueline (the 24 year-old voluntary female virgin) has is that in her social context, her choice is regarded as abnormal.

    Excellent. It’s like I’ve said before – in Sodom, where sin is normal, virtue is viewed as weird.

    And Omega Man, I’d appreciate it if you’d update your link to my blog:

  2. Eumaios says:

    Go west, young maid.

  3. The basic problem Jaqueline (the 24 year-old voluntary female virgin) has is that in her social context, her choice is regarded as abnormal.

    And she knows her choice is considered “abnormal” in her social context. In other words, she is being an attention whore. That’s what this is all about.

    Back when I was a virgin just several weeks ago, do you know what brilliant technique I used to keep my secret of being a virgin from everybody? NOT TELLING THEM. If I didn’t tell them, they wouldn’t know. What this tells us with “Jaqueline” is that she is trying to make an issue of her virginity. Since this is “abnormal” in her social context, this is nothing but garden variety female attention whoring. There’s nothing more to it than that.

  4. sestamibi says:


    Not only should you not tell anyone, but you shouldn’t tell anyone that you lost it either (especially at such a late date), because it’s no one else’s business. That’s what I did at age 27.

    In fact, I was always such a loser that I told no one at work that I had become engaged . . . 19 years later! Only when I actually got married and I had to tell my employer (for insurance and legal reasons, of course) did I “come out”.

  5. Wilbur Simonson says:

    Feminism has lowered the sexual value of men. The days when a man could find a girlfriend by having a good job and being decent person are gone. Those qualities are no longer sufficient, necessary, or even desired. Many men understand this social reality and take action. Even men who don’t study game can be found in large numbers at dance classes, improv comedy classes, public speaking classes, and body language classes. These are men trying to raise their sexual value.

    Feminism has also hurt women by lowering their relationship value. As late as the 1970’s, many women still knew how to cook and sew, still looked and acted feminine, and were still loyal, nurturing, and caring. Those days are gone. Women now eat a diet of yogurt and microwave popcorn, act masculine and aggressive, are mean-spirited, are quick to divorce, have casual hookups with random alpha males, and post explicit videos of themselves on youtube. Feminism has lowered their relationship value, leaving only their sexual value, a fact not gone unnoticed by men. In contrast to men’s awareness of their new social reality, women are oblivious to the new social reality they face and are doing nothing to improve their relationship value.

    Jacqueline at hookingupsmart (the irony of this blog title seems lost on women) was smitten with Benjamin (an alpha with options, otherwise she wouldn’t be smitten), and revealed her virginity. Benjamin, who learned the lessons of feminism well, then saw her as having dubious sexual value and no proven relationship value, so he dumped her because he can easily get sex elsewhere. No surprise, there.

    Jacqueline described Benjamin as needing to grow up, implying that he is immature, i.e., it’s all his fault. She accepted no responsibility for choosing Benjamin (as opposed to a religious man who shares her virginity vow values) and no awareness of the social reality that caused her to be dumped. No surprise, there, either.

    The moral of this story:
    Women don’t step outside their own emotions and analyze situations rationally. If a woman hooks up with an alpha and then he dumps her (which he almost surely will do), all she knows is her own feelings of hurt and anger. If she refuses sex with an alpha and he dumps her, all she knows is her own feelings of hurt and anger.

  6. kalushkin says:

    Wilbur, Amen brother.

    I think we all see how society has devolved away from achievement and substance, and has become one where the shallowest and most image obsessed are celebrated.

    Until the beta is once again raised to the top of western civilization we will keep regressing, instead of progressing.

  7. PUA. says:

    Amen brother, let us rot together in this haze of sexual iniquity and think nothing of it. As a 25 year old man myself, I hate attention whoring-sluts like Jacqueline. I always say women fall into two categories virgin and slut. sluts are disposable as plastic Styrofoam cups, virgins are just sluts in disguise through attention whoring and what else. Bet Jacqueline doesn’t count anal sex as sex, the fucking whore. I don’t trust anything that comes out pf a woman’s mouth, they’re all liars. After all, after learning game, I quit my job because I could still get girls playing video games in my basement and weighing 200 pounds. Fucking whoresluts.

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