Girls Behaving Badly

Roosh relates an incident in a nightclub in Brazil where a friend of his approaches a group of girls and is treated very rudely by an ugly one-

I’m glad Roosh put the bitch down. (Yes, bitch is an appropriate word for someone who engages in this type of rude, hurtful behavior toward someone who is behaving in a perfectly normal and respectful way. If you don’t want guys to come up to you and attempt to start a conversation don’t go to a nightclub.) He describes his friend as an engineering student, and I’m guessing he displayed an earnest, polite demeanor that is viewed as low status by women.

The low status male runs the risk of not just being ignored or rejected by women but actively hurt and insulted. The women who do this are not going to be the beautiful ones, but the homely ones who might actually benefit from a relationship with a low status man.

Why is this? A lot of women are angry at men and looking to pay back one- it doesn’t matter who, just anything with a penis. They have an opportunity to do this where men are most vulnerable- bars and clubs obviously, but other casual social situations also. To a chubby, homely girl/woman, being approached by a guy who seems to display some weakness is not necessarily an opportunity to get to know somebody whose place on the food chain is similar to theirs, and possibly establish a mutually gratifying relationship. She may see his soft underbelly and decide it’s an opportunity to prove her value and strength by humiliating him.

I went to a school dance in 7th grade and asked a girl named Valerie to dance. She just looked at me with disdain and said “No.” She wasn’t good-looking or popular, but she was able to establish she was better than me. Not much of an accomplishment. A few years ago my job had me spending a weekend at a Caribbean beach resort. Rum punch was served on the boat to the island and we all got a buzz pretty quick. My coworker (a natural if there ever was one) quickly hooked up with a woman. I hooked up with her chubby friend, and ended up making out with her on the beach, but she wouldn’t let me grope or have sex with her.

She sort of hung out with me the rest of the weekend, but she was always kind of dissing me and wouldn’t have sex with me. Finally Sunday night I asked her- “Beth, can I ask you something?” She allowed that I could. “Was the other night just a drunken mistake?” She made some lame excuses about being alone with a guy she barely knew, and she was afraid I was some big player, blah blah blah. At least I called her on it. I just googled her; she’s still in the same industry and apparently still single. She’s not ugly and is in sales, so she should have elementary personal skills.

Hey Beth- you could have had fun weekend, either by telling you weren’t into it, and spending it with somebody else, or by having fun with me instead of being a bitch. I’m actually very good in bed and well-endowed, and you may remember my excellent physical condition. I’m guessing you hadn’t gotten any in some time and a weekend fling would have done you a lot of good. I’m guessing you still haven’t had any in a long time. Having a few great lays with me would have been a great confidence booster and you could have gone back to Chicago and dated more successfully. Or maybe if you had been nice to me and had sex with me I would have actually wanted to come visit you, as you suggested when I confronted you.

The typical answers to this are don’t let it bother you, ignore, plow through her bitch shield, etc. But incidents like this are hurtful and bruising and should be avoided. If you’ve had a lot of success with women it won’t bother you much but if you’re learning and inexperienced it will be harmful.

The important thing to remember is because a woman is not very attractive is no guarantee she will be glad to have attention from you. Another is bars and clubs are dangerous places for this, but you shouldn’t be there anyway.


5 Responses to Girls Behaving Badly

  1. Susan Walsh says:

    I’ve gotta say, your message to Beth — brilliant. It makes me want to find her and make her read this.

    Re making assumptions about physical attractiveness (or lack thereof) , this is a problem for women too. I have known some beautiful women get used and dumped by unattractive men. Women will select a mate based on many traits other than looks, but one needs to be careful to select a person who is not angry, defensive or bitter. Beth gave you major attitude, busting your balls all weekend, and why? Because bringing you lower made her feel she was inching higher, gaining the upper hand. It’s the notion of the limited good, and everyone loses. Her loss.

    • Susan, every time a girl or woman has been rude to me it has been one of average or less appearance. I have approached very good-looking women a few times, and as lame as I was I was treated kindly.

      • Eumaios says:

        I had never put that together, but it’s true. The truly beautiful girls I’ve met have invariably been kind. Except for the redhead.

  2. Eumaios says:

    Susan wishes you to think she would have done something different in Beth’s place. Why? Ishtar only knows.

  3. Y says:

    I sympathize with you ordeal, trust me its not only men that go through this.

    I have tried to get along with men that many would perceive as “undesirable” (although they were desirable in other aspects, intelligence, height, not being alphas) and have been shot down. Yet the guys that do seem to treat me nicely are the so called alphas. I had one guy that was always very sweet and complimented my looks regularly, but he would annihilate other females…he was a complete alpha-douche to other people.

    I have never been mean to a man that has approached me, its quite flattering actually. Even if Im not interested I smile and show respect, its the right thing to do.

    There are a lot of kind women out there, not ever woman is looking to emasculate and belittle men.

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