“The Treatise on Love, As Understood by an Awful Bore”

This was written by a Russian, Anatoly Protopopov, and linked by Roissy awhile back. The English version does not seem to be up anywhere any more. This is the Russian version- http://protopop.chat.ru/tl3.html and I tried running it through various translators but it’s too big and I don’t have the time or patience to do it bit by bit. I will see about getting the English version from the author, if possible, and posting it; it has been referenced on various PUA websites and is worth reading. In absence of the actual document I will summarize the key points to the best of my recollection.

Update: commenter Wilbur Simonson provides the URL for the English translation- http://speznas.de/treatise.html I should probably update after having read it again.

Protopopov makes the standard sociobiology/evo-psych explanation for human courtship behavior- nothing new here. He uses two characters from Russian fiction to illustrate the Casanova and the nice boy drip. He explains this behavior as a quality he calls “primativeness”- note the spelling difference from primitiveness- to note a tendency  to mimic primate behavior.

People who have a high level of primativeness will be quick to dominate anyone they sense as being less dominant than them, but he points out that they will also quickly submit to anyone they sense is more dominant. That is after all the way the natural world works. His Casanova, displaying high degree of this, gets sexual submission with little effort, where as the nice boy gets little or none even with a lot of effort.

OK, so far, nothing new here. So what is the nice boy to do? Is he doomed? Here Protopopov makes a crucial distinction- not all humans have the same degree of primativeness!

The typical omega question is, “Well, aren’t there women who are too smart, or too high quality to fall for this crap?” The short answer is no, all women are like this. The nuanced answer is maybe, partially.

Some women have a very high level of primativeness, that is to say they respond strongly to straight dominance. Women who hang out with outlaw motorcycle gangs or who are under the control of pimps are the extreme examples. Take the world’s biggest, most swaggering PUA or practitioner of game and the women at the Hell’s Angels clubhouse will think he’s a faggot. And you, my omega friend? They might stick a knife in you just for looking at them. These women are lost to you, but that’s probably a good thing.

If everybody was like this civilization as we know it would not exist. Civilization socializes people to interact other than under brute force, through laws, morals, and etiquette. While all women will have this basic nature, it will be buried under varying depths of socialization, self-esteem and intelligence.

Is all lost for our nice boy? Protopopov says he must seek a woman with a low level of primativeness- a woman in whom the urge for domination does not burn so strongly. Will this get you off the hook? No, you are still going to have to maintain enough dominance to control the relationship. By increasing your level of dominance and finding a woman who does not demand a high level, hopefully you can obtain this.


12 Responses to “The Treatise on Love, As Understood by an Awful Bore”

  1. Prime says:

    I really like this blog so far, and I’m going to read over your earlier posts as I get the chance. I don’t know why there aren’t more comments. There’s great concept and material here.

  2. Wilbur Simonson says:

    I think this is it:


  3. Thanks Prime. I’ve got you on my blogroll now.

  4. raddark says:

    I think there aren’t more comments for the same reason omegas can’t get laid in real life. People don’t like to associate themselves with low-status things.

  5. Clarence says:

    I “associate” myself with anyone who makes a good argument unless I personally know him or her to be ripe bastard/bitch.

    So long as omegaman continues to put out his useful and high quality posts, he deserves better than any lurkers cowaring in the dark.

  6. hato says:

    I think there aren’t many comments because it’s a new blog. Chill out people.

  7. susanawalsh says:

    Omega Man,

    I’ve seen some click-thrus from your site, so I came over to discover that you have added me to your Blogroll!

    Thanks so much, I am pleased to have you read and comment at Hooking Up Smart, and I look forward to continuing the dialog. Great stuff here. Also, I have a guest post going up next week from a virgin in her 20s, and what that’s like for her. I think your readers might find it of interest.

    Best, Susan

  8. Candice says:

    I read a text book once – it described personality as varying between leaders, followers and detached. Nothing about primates. I’m detached (and introverted) and have had to control dominant people mistaking this for submission. You certainly need to seek compatibility for this personality trait. Dominant and highly competitive, jealous people can drive you nuts! That’s why I like quiet, detached, smart men who exert self control.

  9. The last problem with the particular film takes place using Morgan Freemans’s insufficient tv screen time making his personality seem quite trival.

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