Calling Tech Support- The Counterintuitive Truths About Women

When that cursed box that so much of your life revolves around won’t work, and you have exhausted all other options, you call tech support.

The guy on the other end will have you do various things. You may not understand them, and they may not make sense to you, but you follow his lead because frankly you have no idea what the hell is going on and while you would like to run over your computer with an asphalt roller you can’t afford a new one and you haven’t backed up in a while.

Or, conceivably, you could argue with the guy. One place I worked had a sign up by the store computer that said, roughly translated, “If support tells you to unplug the computer, just do it, OK?” But that would be pretty fruitless.

Or imagine yourself as the support guy. Somebody calls you up who is completely fucked up, can’t figure it out, and needs to depend on your knowledge and experience to get himself unfucked, but he won’t listen. How stupid would that be?

Game is tech support for men dealing with women. I have run across guys who don’t have any experience with women who argue with those who do about what works. I’m not going to address those who regard game as immoral, though maybe I will in the future; I’m just going to address those who think it won’t work or doesn’t make sense.

-“Why would a woman want a guy who already has a girlfriend? Wouldn’t she want one who was available?” Omegas tend to struggle with the idea of social proof. But whether you go by social proof or not, 80% of the population, at least, does. Not being popular, omegas chafe at the idea that being popular makes something good, the implication being that they are bad by virtue of being unpopular, or maybe they have been told that directly. On some objective system of valuation that is correct. But the typical person is much more social than the typical omega and has great need of the approval of others, so they will go along with the judgment of others.

-“How can being mean to women work? And if it does work, why would you want to be with a woman like that anyway?” As I pointed out in an earlier post, omega men get crapped on all the time. They need and want other people to be kind and respectful to them, and they assume others feel the same way. But as I said, even omega women get better treatment than omega men. Women in general are greatly coddled, to the point of being bored by it. Spoiling a spoiled child doesn’t make them happy because they are saturated. Dominance is not threatening, frightening or humiliating to them, it is comforting.

-“How does talking all kinds of stupid crap to women work? How can anybody go for lines or canned routines?” Omegas, by nature and social conditioning, see communication as the exchange of valuable and useful information. Women are not you. For women, communication is entertainment. Communication for its own sake is something they like to do. At the same time women are sensitive to threat and discomfort and the communication must not have that element. Let’s say you have just discovered a cheap and easy cure for cancer, and you approach a woman and start talking about it. If you are nervous, appear uncomfortable, or stressed, or even dull or boring, she will not want to hear it. On the other hand if you come up to her with some lame story, or even some obvious line or canned pitch, and you are relaxed and smiling, she will probably indulge you for a few minutes, even if you are Quasimodo.

Sociobiology is oversold in the game community. Yes there are deep evolutionary reasons for human behavior but people aren’t entirely their genes, and you don’t need to be a caveman. If you can understand and accept that women are not like you; that they function according to their own internal logic and their behavior makes sense within that context you will be well ahead.

If you find the extremes of game- pimp game, asshole game, and the like- repulsive and appalling, well, you don’t have to go there, and from where you are starting you will never get close to that anyway, but appreciate it represents the far end of a smooth continuum of behavior.


5 Responses to Calling Tech Support- The Counterintuitive Truths About Women

  1. Alkibiades says:

    “When that cursed box that so much of your life revolves around won’t work, and you have exhausted all other options, you call tech support.”

    Damn, I thought you were going in a different direction. My mind never leaves the gutter.

  2. Different box, same concept. If you don’t know what you’re doing, call somebody who does, and listen to them. Or go stark raving mad.

  3. Wilbur Simonson says:

    When I was a child, I thought that popularity and social proof were unique to teenagers and of minor consequence for adults. I assumed that if I just waited a few years, everybody would be judged on their merits, so there was no reason for me to be interested in being popular. I was completely wrong about that; popularity and social proof are more important to adults. I wish someone had told me sooner.

  4. sestamibi says:


    That’s what I thought too. I must be just as twisted.

  5. Eric says:

    Same here. I was dumb about a lot of things due to being passive about information – but it’s good that we’re all actively learning now from multiple avenues rather than our limited teachers/parents.

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