A Look Back At Bachelorhood

Yahoo is my homepage. I noticed that one of the top ten searches they list off on the side was “Sadie Hawkins’ Day.” Is it that time of year in the high school calendar? Out of curiosity I checked it out.

Wikipedia gives the “origin story” as the fanboys like to call it-


What’s interesting to me here is that bachelorhood is described as a desireable state. Plenty of the unmarried fellers there in Dogpatch are happy to remain that way, thank ye’ very much ma’am!

This was in the 30’s, when sex by unmarried people was not socially acceptable, and thus less common than now- not to say it didn’t happen, but it wasn’t available to the same degree. Prepared food was not as widely available, or fast food, so feeding oneself as a single person was not as easy. Being an unmarried man often meant living in a boarding house, which weren’t known for their great cuisine, of living with relatives, which has obvious disadvantages.

Even so it seems to have been understood some portion of the male population would resist marriage. I doubt they were all gay. The feminist idea is that pre-1960, women were domestic slaves of men; and yet throughout the Victorian era men were more and more domesticated. A married man was not a free man, and he wasn’t free to go to the tavern, the ball game or fishing without his wife’s permission then either.

Note especially that Sadie Hawkins was 35. People have changed socially but not biologically, and in 90’s parlance we would have said her biological clock was ticking. The marriage market being what it is then as now, it’s safe to say an unmarried 35 year old woman was not getting married. Today there is online dating, the workplace, and singles events aimed at older people, including the divorced.

The article further describes how this inspired themed dances and social events. By this time the move from the old style courtship of villages, where the social network was primary, to the modern, self-directed form was complete. There wasn’t anybody to drop a hint or help things along with a clueless or timid male.

If, as I believe this shows, women actually do place a lot of value on relationships, they should do more to obtain them- like by showing some initiative. The average woman is horribly served by all the “Rules” crap, which may work for a hot woman with multiple options (maybe 8.5 or above) but will just piss off a guy pursuing a 6.

If you’re single, remember that status is something many guys would treasure.


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