Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde- Another Wife Turns Into A Shrew

I’m not a fan of cross-posting but here is something on Roissy I was just talking about-


(Note- Roissy deleted a bunch of posts after the Lady Raine fiasco, apparently including this one. I don’t see the problem so hopefully he will undo this at some point.)

This guy definitely had his shit together. The omegas who encounter him probably dream of his sweet life. I know I would. And yet, the same thing has happened to him that you would think would only happen to a weak man- an apparently good woman turns into a raving shrew.

On The Spearhead we have a Kipling poem on the female nature-


I have a little trouble understanding this. My mother seemed to strongly believe in the husband as the decision maker and leader of the family, even though my father did not actually fill this role. She never gave him shit about anything, ever, and they never fought. It was not until I was an adult I realized they, especially she, were pretty unhappy.

I think men would like to be with a woman with whom they can let down their guard sometimes, a woman they can show kindness, generosity and vulnerability to without thought being a weakling or a sucker. Men can relax around their true friends- isn’t your wife, for God’s sake, a true friend?

I think what this guy feels is betrayal, of the deepest and most personal sort. His sweet bride, so different from the others, turned out to be just another whore who needs a hard heart and a strong pimp hand. His “pretty lie” was exposed.

If men fear game, it’s at least as much because they are afraid it will work as that it won’t. If it doesn’t work- another snake oil promise shown false. That’s not too hard to take- the world is full of lying hucksters. You won’t get to your majority without being taken a time or two. If it works- then all women are just bitches, stupid bitches at that who can be fooled by a nerd pretending to be a pimp. Most men really want to be loved as themselves, and the hope that it will happen someday carries them through many dark places.

I suppose a man who had a good relationship with his mother is better equipped to look at woman as something other than a source of unconditional love. Trying to replace the maternal relationship is deadly of course. Expecting your wife to be your friend isn’t as unrealistic, I would hope, but maybe that’s a pretty lie too.


4 Responses to Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde- Another Wife Turns Into A Shrew

  1. Alkibiades says:

    Being able to let your guard down around your wife and not have her despise you for it is another pretty lie. Don’t ever do it.

  2. Doug1 says:

    You should change that to wanted to be loved as the better and especially stronger version of yourself.

    This actually can help cement you in your stronger actions.

  3. james says:

    Wow. Good insight on the worries about both sides of the “game” coin.

    If it doesn’t work, NBD, as you say.

    But if it does work, it means that seeking any kind of deep, meaningful connection with a woman is a waste of time.

    You really put to words some of the conflicting thoughts I’ve had about the whole “game” thing. It seems like a great deal of effort for what (if successful) is merely fools gold.

  4. schfifty five says:

    Great post, and I agree with James.

    To me, as a nice guy who probably tends to turn girls off with affection, learning about game and the reality of female nature has solidified my dark, cynical take on the world.

    The one thing that seemed good in life – the love of women – is a lie. In fact, my very need and desire for romance and love paints me as an undesirable weakling in the eyes of women. It’s all just about status, a big ugly darwinian struggle.

    Just read roissy, he’s clearly a sadist.

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