The Omega Profile

What is the typical omega like?

I can only draw conclusions from my personal experience, including seminars I have attended and online discussions I have read. Only men with above average education, money and intelligence are likely to participate in these; there must be omega truck drivers or restaurant workers but I don’t know what their lives would be like.

Omegas that I have known are usually techies of some kind; programmers, engineers, some scientists, or similar professions like actuaries. I can’t really think of any omegas who are accountants; they fit the intellectual profile, but accounting is a fairly social profession, almost as social as law actually, so an omega would not fit in with it. Trades usually require good personal interaction; plumbers have to deal with several customers every day, and they are expected to up sell if they work for somebody else. An auto mechanic could possibly be an omega if he worked for somebody else and had little customer contact; lower class omegas probably gravitate toward solitary work such as long haul trucking.

Omegas tend to come from dysfunctional families and in particular tend to have problems with their mothers. Often they have a lot of pent-up anger and no way to deal with it. They do not have close friends, or even any friends.

On a day-to-day basis omegas focus on survival, or if their situation is more secure on getting through the day and whatever hobbies or activities fill their off hours. Dealing with other people is a chore to be avoided. If you are on the bottom of the heap you are treated poorly or worse so this should not be surprising. “Soft skills” or relationships are big part of what people higher up the food chain deal in; meshing different functions, priorities, goals, and restraints in the pursuit of some higher purpose. Omegas do not provide this; they provide commodity services to the organization and can be easily and quickly replaced with another body with the same credentials, and the work can be easily outsourced. More and more work is being commoditized, and the horror for many in corporate life in recent years is seeing their job status go from gamma or even lower beta to omega.

The key difference here is social interaction. For most people social interaction is desirable and positive; it may not be pleasant but it is the essence of what they do and who they are. Omegas primarily interact with themselves and this is the source of their social dysfunction. They assume others are like them, which is far from the case.

This brings us to the nature of dominance. Dominance can be good; human beings are social creatures and will naturally have a social hierarchy. For many activities this is necessary, some plan and direct, others just direct, and still more are directed. Cavemen hunting with spears must work together like this. Chimpanzees hunt sometimes, but mostly eat vegetation, so they don’t really need a social hierarchy, but they have one anyway. In other cases dominance is purely artificial and bad; prisons and junior high schools are examples of where people are simply crowded together and the strong prey on the weak.

If you’re in the upper two-thirds of the hierarchy, the experience of the dominance ranking will very from very good to not too bad. The value of the social experience will outweigh the costs of being dominated. In the bottom third, particularly the bottom of the bottom third, it will be quite painful. Your low status will constantly be reinforced by everyone above you and you will get only the minimal resources necessary to keep you alive or from revolting in despair.

Omegas thus tend to follow a strategy of avoiding human interaction from an early age. This leads to a lack of knowledge and experience needed for interacting with women to get the one thing he still really wants to get from others.


6 Responses to The Omega Profile

  1. james says:

    Good stuff. I’d say that your description, such as it is, is very, very accurate.

    With, perhaps, one caveat: at least 30% of the population is “introverted”, including a great many successful and famous people. There’s nothing inherently wrong or deleterious about seeing “alone time” as preferable to constant social interaction.

    I do think, however, that Omega’s take this to an unhealthy extreme. Hence the Omega status.

  2. Ernie Delaney says:

    As an omega male I can say that this description is accruate. I have had a not so great relationship with my mother, which has become more strained and detached overtime. My parents were divorced before I was one year old, I guess that basically fits under the umbrella of disfunctional. I have also avoided social contact, loath parties/social occasions in general, unless with well known freinds. This has resulted in a total lack of social skills and lack of women.
    Now being such a perceptive non-omega male, able to describe the condition so accurately I don’t suppose you can offer any solutions.

  3. unclegluon says:

    I am an extreme introvert, maybe even qualified to be an omega and I’ve put a lot of thought into potential solutions…

    The author is very insightful in being able to identify us. There are things he does not fully understand. To put it most simply we like to invest all of ourselves in a few of the most important people. Not only have we had bad experiences growing up, we see the potential enemies all around us as unwelcome distractions from our few and treasured allies.

    When it comes to women, we are at first clueless from long term isolation. Once we start to get the picture, we usually think it’s pretty ugly. The author DOES understand this reaction quite well.
    What we do about it?
    Our desire for sex and even retribution impels us towards ‘gaming’ and PUA.
    On the other hand human relationships founded on anything other than complete loyalty and sincerity are intolerable to us…
    Many of us are still trapped in a zone of indecision.
    It was decided for me when I tried out some hookers. Once I had found a means of getting intercourse with minimal human interaction, PUA games and pleasing all the pretty ditzes became unimportant to me. Because it all became truly unimportant to me, I started attracting women without doing anything at all.

  4. Harry Z. says:

    “I started attracting women without doing anything at all.” Yep, females have an uncanny ability to detect that Mr. Happy is being kept happy, and then of course the social proof makes them interested. If only they knew you paid cash for the socializing, ha haw!

  5. unclegluon says:

    It’s just something I tried out and that’s all that I needed. Just the knowledge of the potential availability of other options is all it took to liberate me. Just to be able to make my decisions on some form of actual knowledge rather than a combination of instinct and ignorance.
    As I had suspected, it wasn’t such a big deal.

    Overall, it’s a bad deal outside of a committed relationship. The pleasure is short-lived, expensive in time and resources, and the risks are many. It’s the pleasure in life that threatens the myriad other pleasures available to us. I became grateful for being single and able to pursue everything else life has to offer.

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