The Experience Conundrum

I spit on game, or Game, or “Game”, or whatever the hell you want to call it.

Well, not really, but to a certain extent. The truth about women is there is no science, no technology, no secret to it. They are pretty much all the same, very predictable and not all that hard to deal with.

If there is a secret, it’s nothing more than experience. Learning comes from experience. You can read a book about just about anything but it won’t do you much good until you go out and do it. Women are no different. A man’s facility with women will be pretty much directly proportional to his experience. Being with one woman for a long time does not count as experience, except with this one woman. Being married three times for a long time each also does not count as experience, except in the experience of being married. What I count as experience is taking a woman from not knowing you to having sex with you. The more times you have done that, the more experience you have with what really matters, which is getting women to have sex with you. A woman who will have sex with you will have a long-term relationship with you or marry you, which are different matters altogether.

What has come to be called “game” are mostly just obvious truths to a man who has experience with women. The catch is that female behavior is mostly counterintuitive for men who are not dominant and do not have experience with women. For such men, game is difficult to apply because it seems strange, offensive, rude, or nonsensical. For men who have experience, game is just fairly obvious common sense, not something anybody really needs to write a book about or give a seminar on.

Thus the men who need and can benefit from game the most, the omegas, can’t. An omega- withdrawn, lacking social skills, sexual and romantic experience, probably money, definitely savior faire or rakish charm- has trouble enough getting one woman, and if he does he is strongly tempted to stick with her. When she pussywhips him his self-esteem will further suffer. She will tire of his omeganess and dump him or he will tire of her bitchiness and he will dump her, in either case feeling pretty beat up and not eager to try dating again.

An omega needs to get a woman, any woman, and start getting experience. However the woman the omega can get may be so disgusting he can’t even have sex with her. My first attempt at having sex without paying for it ran aground on just this rock. The woman in question was in her late 30’s (or she may have been older and lying about her age) but the problem was she had hair on her upper lip, and terrible breath. I’m trying to maintain an erection so I can penetrate her, but just as I’m getting hard she kisses me and the hair and the bad breath destroy my hard on. I stuck with her, as I didn’t have any other possibilities. She had an annoying, controlling personality so eventually I had to dump her (after having acquired a much better one).

Here’s another problem- having experience with a bunch of women means dumping bunch of women. If you’re dealing with reasonably attractive club sluts in their early 20’s this shouldn’t be too hard. However, with a chubby, homely woman in her late 30’s, who had you tagged as her one shot at happiness, this is pretty horrible. An omega man is going to be dealing with omega women. They are with you because they have given up hope of anything better and are willing to trade their universal female dream of George Clooney for an ordinary guy who will love them and treat them nice.

Except you can’t love them and treat them nice. You are with them for experience, or for the relief of sexual frustration, not a relationship. I don’t like lying to women. I would like to lead my life on the most ethical basis possible, which includes being truthful with people who are trusting in me. However it is hard to do with women, and hardest of all for an omega. An alpha can strongly imply, perhaps say outright, he is having sex with other women and intends to continue doing so. Part of the game for women is trapping the alpha. Trapping the omega is not part of the game for women, so she will likely demand assurances that you are really into her, looking for marriage or a long term relationship, and not seeing any other women before she has sex with you.

You are going to have to get used to the idea that it is a dirty game. As an omega people are generally pretty crappy to you- you crave kind, decent, respectful treatment from others, and you assume that that is what women want from you. You assume wrong. Even omega women get better treatment than omega men, particularly as adults. There are little warm, comfortable niches for omega women to nest in- teaching and healthcare professions are examples. As an omega man you are always expendable and no place is safe or secure, much less comfortable.

Women’s first choice is to have an alpha to themselves. As quoted in the comment on The Spearhead in my previous post, second choice seems to be a share of an alpha, although this is probably most true in highly hypergamous places like New York and less so elsewhere. Third choice is all of a beta, no woman wants to share a beta and definitely not an omega. Even an omega woman is going to extract a price for having settled for an omega man- she will probably insist on having a lot more control in the relationship than she would have with a higher status man.

Learning is an ongoing process. No one with any sense thinks they know it all. You will go on learning all your life, although at some point you will die, become old or disabled, or otherwise unable or disinclined to continue learning about women. The one thing you really have to lose or surrender is your freedom. So, despite the nagging, tears, accusations, pleas, or demands you have to keep pursuing and seeing new women, and thus discarding of old ones, as long as you can. Ideally you would imply to women you are in no hurry to commit to an exclusive relationship. Various hints might be dropped- “I have to work a lot for my job, I need to get more established”, “I think getting married too soon is a mistake” etc. But, as I’ve indicated, this may not work for an omega. A woman will probably only be interested in an exclusive relationship, committed to fairly quickly. (While she goes looking for something better! Yes women do it too!) Don’t go out of your way to lie, but lie as you need to.

At some point you will decide you want to date just one woman for a while. This is another matter entirely and has its own difficulties, and maybe I will address that by itself sometime.


One Response to The Experience Conundrum

  1. Ernie Delaney says:

    Holy shit! I didn’t realise that you were a former omega, wow! The blog entree inspires me mate. I am very impressed that you had such determination for self improvement, that you were willing to sleep with a woman you found so repulsive. I have been previously convinced that game was of no use whatsoever to the omega male, as he is beyond help, but after discovering this blog I may just change my mind.

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