Marriage, Lifestyle Choices And The Omega

A friend of mine long ago worked for a moderately sized, privately held company. He hadn’t worked there long but had the attention of the president and worked closely with the top people, one of whom he got to be friends with.

He told his friend the president didn’t seem happy. He was young, good-looking, had an advanced degree and was rich as the result of inheriting this company. His friend had an explanation- he though the president was gay. “Think of how hard it is to get a woman to love you. How hard must it be to get a guy to love you?!”

It is, indeed, hard to get a woman to love you. (Maybe not for alphas. For betas on down, it’s the case.) What should a man’s goals be with respect to women?

In recent times, that answer, for everybody, has been marriage and family. That hasn’t always been the case. For much of history marriage has been limited to those who could afford it, which wasn’t everybody. And, I think it was also recognized that it wasn’t the best choice for everybody. I think it was more acceptable for a man or a woman to remain single without it being assumed they were gay or something was wrong with them.

Roissy swears he will never get married. He strongly recommends men never get married. I have heard various guys say they will never get married, or if they were married that it was a mistake. There is a vast literature compiled by mens’ rights activists on the legal horrors of marriage.

Setting aside the legal and financial complications of divorce- which of course are serious- what might be better, to be a husband or to be a bachelor? I like the term “bachelor”, it has so much more dignity. There is a whaling ship in “Moby Dick” named The Bachelor, and it is described as “that happy ship of good fortune.” Melville reveals his view of marriage. Warren Farrell points out that the word “husband” comes from the Scandinavian for “house bound.”

For an alpha- a man who has ready access to high quality sex from a variety of attractive women, and presumably also makes a good living and has assets, bachelorhood might be the better bet. Marriage often- I won’t go far as to say always, though some do- results in infrequent, low quality sex with one woman whose appearance has deteriorated from her single state. On top of that her attitude and behavior have likely deteriorated also. Beyond the loss of sexual gratification his assets and income are threatened.

For a beta- a man who has access to women, of some reasonable quality, but probably only one at a time, with a moderate income and probably minimal assets- marriage may be a better deal. His sex life will probably deteriorate somewhat from when his wife was his girlfriend, but not nearly as much, and he can keep her from leaving and having to find another woman who won’t be any better. A divorce will be harmful, but not as harmful as to a more successful man.

Ok, now we come to our real subject, the omega. Marriage has to be the best deal for him, right? If he can get one woman, and get her to marry him, he will have a regular supply of sex and companionship, and possibly even some help financially. He will have a date for New Year’s Eve, proof to other people that he’s not gay or a complete loser.

I suspect this attitude is widely held. I also suspect it is quite wrong. The quality of woman who is willing to marry an omega is probably quite low, in both appearance and personality. A woman marrying an omega is likely looking for a man she can control and dominate. So, the newlywed gets a fat, ugly bitch who has sex with him every two weeks but makes his life a living hell every day. Here’s Sam Kinison on the subject-

The truth about young men, and probably men in general, is they are great dreamers, great romantics. They do all kinds of things no one with experience or a bit more sense would do- military service being one. (Semper Fi! FTS!) Marriage is another. A commenter on The Spearhead quotes Erasmus on young mens’ dreams of marital sex-

Well how is the omega to get any sex? To show people he’s not such a loser he can’t get one woman to associate with him? For the sex part, jerking off to porn is an old favorite. That hardly suffices, so a trip to a prostitute when it can be afforded will provide the real thing on occasion.

But you say “Omega Man! That’s totally gross and disgusting! Only losers do whores!” First, any woman you have sex with will have had sex with other guys before, maybe lots. And Charlie Sheen does whores. If Charlie Sheen can do it, then you can do it. In truth my best sexual experiences have been with pros. It’s a hit or miss proposition- a whore with a bad attitude is no fun. If you find one you enjoy, you can stick with her, as long as you can remember it’s strictly business for her. The cost varies- high in USA and Canada, less in Europe, quite cheap in Third World countries. You can make a whole vacation out of a trip to Thailand, Brazil, or Eastern Europe.

But you say “Omega Man! People think I’m a complete loser and can’t get any women! I need to show they are wrong!” This is the worst possible reason to get married. Let me tell you something- as an omega, nobody thinks about you or gives a shit about you. Nobody at your job, or whatever social circle you have, or even your family that much. At your job people call you when they need you and forget about you the moment you are out of sight. If it hurts to contemplate that, just remember these people are mostly worthless assholes anyway you wouldn’t  spend five minutes of your free time with anyway. If there is any advantage to being an omega, it’s that you have little need to impress anybody.

George Sodini was convinced that if he could only get a girlfriend, it would prove he was a valid, worthwhile human being who deserved happiness, and that would make up for the love he didn’t get from his mother. This is why I’m pretty sure he never had a girlfriend at all- if he had had just one, he would have realized, “Yeah, that’s not bad, it’s pretty nice in fact, but not all that much better than videogames. And I’m still mad at my mother, the rotten bitch!”

If the omega remains unmarried, he may be missing out on the sweet, gentle companionship of a kind woman and an enjoyable sexual relationship with her. That’s the romantic ideal. Or he may be missing out on a fat, annoying, ugly woman who can’t and won’t cook or clean and won’t leave him alone while he’s trying to watch TV or read because she wants to bust his balls about something stupid. There are things in which comparison with loneliness is sweet heaven.


One Response to Marriage, Lifestyle Choices And The Omega

  1. Wilbur Simonson says:

    Here are some percentages of men who have ever paid for sex:

    All men: 15%
    Single men over age 30: 30%

    Age 18-29: 7.5%
    Age 30-39: 14.4%
    Age 40-49: 19.9%
    Age 50-59: 22.7%
    Age 60-69: 24.3%
    Married: 13.3%
    Divorced: 25.1%
    Separated: 26.3%
    Remarried: 23.4%
    Never Married: 12.7%
    Living in Top 12 Central Cities: 20%
    Living in Suburbs of Top 100 Cities: 19.5%
    Living in rural area: 12.6%
    Served in Military: 37.1%

    39% of California agricultural workers have paid for sex
    38% of married California agricultural workers have paid for sex

    Given people’s tendency to under report illegal and embarrassing activities, the actual numbers are probably higher.

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