The Strange And Terrible Case Of George Sodini

First, victims of George Sodini, RIP. I don’t have the least desire to make light of any part of this tragedy. Maybe we can learn something from it.

Second, George Sodini, RIP. I can’t say what his final, eternal judgment is. Deliberately killing people is about the worst thing you can do. I have empathy though for the terrible problems he had and again, maybe others can learn a little from this.

Does Sodini represent the worst case of the Omega Man? He led a superficially functional life. He was employed, made a decent wage, and lived on his own. He worked in IT, a typical omega job role. He was a little noted, inoffensive person, typical omega social adaptation. He claimed in some of what he left behind to have had a girlfriend at some point in his life, but I suspect he made that up.

Sodini was agonized over his inability to get a relationship. He read some books and took some classes from a man who teaches relationship skills, R. Don Steele. He also attempted self-help with some books and tapes by new age guru Louise Hay. He was unsuccessful and his growing anger and distress eventually led to mass murder and suicide.

Roissy said that “Game can save lives”-

Many disagreed. Could Sodini have benefited from game? Can all men benefit from game or only some? What subset?

I say for Sodini no, his psychological problems were too great. I read many years ago that when selecting a puppy, one should avoid the runt of the litter. While the littlest one might be cute, he will likely have psychological problems from being pushed around by his larger littermates.

If something this simple is obvious for dogs, why can’t people acknowledge it’s true for humans? Sodini had a great deal of anger toward his mother and his older brother.

Strangely, this topic was addressed for him. Many videos of Sodini are still available on YouTube. Here is one where he is seen at an R. Don Steele seminar, and Steele addresses the subject of a man’s relationship with his mother-

Steele points out that if you have been hurt by your mother, you must remember that the woman you are interested in is not your mother. That’s probably a key step in dealing with a problem like this, but Sodini seems not to made it.

Sodini did realize he had a problem. He talks in another video about studying Louise Hay-

Here is the root of the problem. Sodini had problems of the degree that eventually led to the deaths of several people. That is an undeniable public health problem. His source of help for this was a new age pop psychology book. I’m sure many people will swear that Louise Hay changed their lives and is the greatest thing ever. I don’t think any of them are middle-aged men gripped by homicidal rage.

Sodini makes one key comment in this whole thing- he is looking to psychologically connect with people. I don’t think he ever understood why he couldn’t do that, but I think I do. I think he felt threatened- socially, psychologically, and possibly physically- by almost everyone. You can’t connect psychologically with people you feel threatened by!

There is a huge mental health/personal growth/self-development and success industry in America, that profits by blowing sunshine up the asses of the dissatisfied. In the future I’ll go more into how this specifically applies to the omega man.


2 Responses to The Strange And Terrible Case Of George Sodini

  1. Ernie Delaney says:

    Again I must express my gratitute to you for untaking this effort. One of the worst things about being an omega male is feeling like your the lowest piece of shit on the earth, that nobody could possibly rival the pathetic state of our lives. In order to overcome this feeling omega men must be exposed to other omega men. Not for the purposes of commiseration, but to help beat that feeling of individual persecution.

    On the topic of game. I have continuingly felt a sense of visceral contempt for game, because it often times seems to promote the idea that a mans entire worth as a human being by his sexual value. Ofcourse being an omega male its clear why this infuriates me, because if those values are implemented my life would have little to no worth whatsoever. I could be wrong about game promoting this set of values, but at this point I can’t accept the ideology of game with open arms.

    Anyway I hope you continue your efforts to reach out to the omegas of the world lurking in cyber space. Understand that I’ve been combing through dozens and dozens of MRA/game websites, and never once have I seen anything put forward for the specific benifit of omega males. Thankyou.

  2. Tae says:


    Do you know what happens when a group of omega males gather? They will very quickly establish a pecking order. The majority will be in the middle(“betas”), the “alphas” on one end and “omegas” on the other.

    The body of work that has established itself as canon(blogs on the internet mostly) with regard to descriptions of alphas betas and omegas social ranking typically over simplify, exaggerate and sometimes just plain make shit up.

    But they’re not wrong, on a fundamental level. As a social species, how we interact with individuals will be(largely) predicated on an established or the establishing of a dominance hierarchy. This is broadly true across a range of psycho-social dynamics, what groups you self identify with, what groups or individuals you tend to cooperate with or compete against and whom you will or will not tend to subordinate yourself to.

    I suspect that you feel contempt for game because it puts into stark relief for you exactly where you feel you would fit within that hierarchy. Self identifying as an “omega” your rejection of “game” is a preemptive protective reaction.

    This is quite common in those who are socially phobic, or social anxiety. There is quite a lot of evidence to suggest there being no difference between social anxiety disorder and avoidance personality disorder.

    A lot of the literature will define social anxiety disorder as simply a “fear of being judged”. This being “judged” may more accurately be termed “rejected” either by individuals(ie girls) or by the group. Being relegated(or perceiving that you are) to an “omega” status is a clear form of rejection and brain scans show that social pain lights up the same areas of the brain as physical pain.

    For the vast majority of the human species, meeting new people involves will involve varying degrees of anxiety(stress response). Why some are able to push past it and others associate a painful positive stimulus isn’t clear, but some correlations have been observed.

    A hyper sensitivity to social rank(consciously aware of or otherwise)implies a high score on personality trait neuroticism.

    Personality traits that are typically used in psychological research(Big 5) have been shown to be very stable across most of ones life.

    I want to be careful here and point out that the type of self improvement that is real and lasting, that will transform you from an “omega” to an “alpha” or “sigma” or whatever is possible, but highly improbable.

    The people who are espousing this alpha beta shit are selling a product within their chosen industry(PUA books, seminars etc). Articles of the form “Five Ways You’re To Go From Gamma to Alpha Fast” is marketing. Business 101. Create a product, then describe for the consumer their problem and how their product will will solve it.

    It is neither more nor less manipulative than any other form of marketing. Ever notice how in interviews from 5-10 years ago, it was common to hear a PUA guru mention how he wanted to start getting away from PUA and game and yet their products are still around and actively being marketed.

    It’s a well established business model and it’s hard to walk away from a profitable business.

    For anyone who actually read all of this, who buy into the alpha beta game fairy tales, but are in actual psychological pain i suggest therapy. Seriously. You may not be able to fundamentally change who you are at the core, but maybe you can alter your thinking patterns instead of obsessing over beta gamma shit and not be so unhappy.

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