Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself……

I’m not a man of wealth and taste, I’m Omega Man. To give the reader some idea of who I am and why I am doing this, I will share a little bit about myself.

-I’m a white male in the 40’s. Never married, no kids. Currently unemployed for many months. Living with relatives and going through my savings.

-I have a profession that is considered “cool”, and actually is pretty cool, but in which it is especially difficult for someone not well connected (read- an omega man) to maintain steady employment at a good wage. My employment history in general is pretty checkered.

-I first had sex without paying for it in my mid-30’s. I have had few girlfriends and have not had sex in quite a while. Being unemployed does not help of course, as does the lack of a private place to bring women.

-I am the product of a highly dysfunctional family. Believe it or not I’m the most normal of my siblings. My parents were rigidly, strictly religious people and mentally inflexible in other ways also. My father was a functional alcoholic. My mother was driven nuts by this.

-I was the target of a lot of bullying from junior high school through the first two years of high school.

-I have studied a variety of relationship stuff including going to seminars but have never studied “game” as it has become known in recent years. So why am I blogging about game? Game has come to be closely identified with mens’ issues in the blogosphere. I’m not really interested in talking about current affairs- it’s boring and other people do that better. I would like to look at the big picture as it relates to the issue of life for a large category of men.

-I have given up on the idea of marrying an American woman. I could probably have a relationship with a middle-aged American woman but marriage with one young enough to have kids is unlikely at this point. Since I still want to get married, reproduce and have a family life, I have been looking into marrying a woman from another country. I have several prospects after having made a few trips but I’m not 100% committed to the idea yet. I will talk about this more in “Marriage and the Omega Man.”


One Response to Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself……

  1. Alkibiades says:

    Marriage (to an american woman anyway) is soul sucking hell. A very bad bait and switch deal. An illusion sold to the masses.

    Luck to you on finding a foreign wife.

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