Welcome to Game For Omegas

“Game” is a subject that provokes a certain amount of disagreement. Some say it’s bullshit. Others say it works only for very good-looking guys, or high status men, or naturally dominant men. Others offer a moral objection. If it does work, how well does it work, and for who? Is the effect marginal or large?

The concept of game is based on the idea that high status males are desirable and low status males are not. That’s hard to debate. Status is context dependent; it’s different at the motorcycle gang clubhouse and the yacht club. When game is discussed, the terms “alpha” and “beta” for high and some lower level of status are used, but lower levels of status are little considered except to note that the existence of males at lower levels must be truly hellish. Sometimes it is implied this is deserved, and sometimes not.

Without getting all wonky alpha and beta are commonly used by animal behaviorists to describe hierarchy in social groups. The Greek alphabet continues with gamma, delta and all the way to omega but I can find little reference to use of these letters to describe hierarchical ranking.

I’m going to use “omega” as it is occasionally used in game discussion, to describe a male whose social status, social skills, and access to women is so low as to be practically off the charts. Why even bother thinking about these pathetic losers? The truth is I’m one myself. I have a story to tell, I have traveled a long way in life and learned a few things. Not nearly as much as I could have and not nearly as much as I needed, but I have learned something and I would like to share it and promote the learning and growth of others. It’s too late for me- I’m well into my 40’s- but I hope younger guys can benefit from some of my insights and experiences and have more gratifying lives as a result.

My own thesis- the principles of game are universally applicable rules of human behavior that apply to everyone, everywhere. However, most of what is taught as game, or similar teaching for sexual success, is taught at a level that is of little use to omega males, because they suffer from basic psychological problems, lack of social skills, and lack of experience with women that prevent them from learning. It is futile to try to teach calculus to somebody who is struggling with arithmetic.

I don’t have many answers, but I think I have the right questions.


4 Responses to Welcome to Game For Omegas

  1. Alkibiades says:

    It’s never too late my friend.

  2. SmartDuck says:

    Omega, you write well, good luck with the blog.

  3. RehtafRuo says:

    for what it’s worth: this is great stuff and i can totally relate to many of the reflections represented here, like being in a dysfunctional family and such. keep writing

  4. Clarence says:

    I think Akibiadies is right

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